Thursday, November 21, 2013


I've been engaged this year... in more ways than one.  I started to steer away from the blog because of lack of interest.  It because more of a job than a hobby. I wanted to continue doing all the things I love without feeling stressed about having time to document them.  I also finally opened the etsy store that I've been wanting to open since before I started my blog.   I'm not planning on "closing" my blog and I'm not promising to keep updating it frequently.  Everything happens for a reason and if it's meant to be, it will be.  Just wanted to get all of that out there and to say that when I have something I really want to share I definitely will... like my engagement pictures. I'm SO excited about them!  One of my childhood friends took them, Nicole Bell from Nicole Bell Photography.  Check out her facebook page or CLICK HERE to check out her website.  She is fairly new to the industry and has a full time job in graphic design as well as another part time job but I think her work is better than some that have been doing it all there lives.  Not that I have to say any of this because I think her pictures speak for themselves! Needless to say, I got engaged on July 4th and have been wedding planning, working full time, managing my etsy store on the side, traveling to see my fiance since we live in different states... aka I've just been busy, but that's what life is about!