Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Right Next Door but Worlds Away

F21 Dress, Target flats, Zara bag, Vintage bracelet, Michael Kors Watch, Necklace from Vertigo (local boutique)

Last Weekend the bf and I went to dinner at Cafe Des Amis in the small town of Breaux Bridge, LA.  Even though Breaux Bridge is only a short drive from where I grew up I've never been to Cafe Des Amis, which was delicious might I add.  Come to find out, its surrounded by vintage/antique stores. Sadly, they were already closed for the day when we got there so I'll have to make a trip back.

This is my first attempt at a fishtail braid.  I used to think they were hideous when I was younger but I've been seeing them so much lately in ads and on blogs I think they're growing on me. I prefer the perfectly messy look like the Free People ad below. How can you not like that picture? There's a baby snow tiger in it.  A BABY SNOW TIGER. I want one.


Slow Southern Style said...

Garden & Gun Magazine just named Breaux Bridge a top 10 dream town. Now I'm really gunning to go, your pictures make it feel so quaint and it is a quick 2 hour drive from New Orleans.

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