Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Candle to Button Jar


If you've ever shopped at Bath and Body Works you probably know that they ask for your email address when you check out, you give it to them and sooner or later you get emails saying these candles are 2 for $20 (Basically buy one get one free) so you make special trip to the mall to get not one... but TWO for the price of one? Just me?  Well anyway, if I've now convinced you to buy some of these candles, you'll burn them so quickly you'll end up with an almost empty glass jar with a metal lid.  A metal lid that actual suctions to the top of the jar.  And you think to yourself why would I throw away this perfectly good glass container?  What could I use this for? A button jar! (or anything else you can think to put in it: cotton balls, q-tips, rings, bracelets, eye shadow, lip stick, candy, pet treats, paper clips, bath salts...the options are endless)

All it took was a butter knife to scrape out the left over wax and wicks, soap, hot water, and a few minutes of scrubbin'. The wax was pretty easy to get out but the wicks are glued to the bottom. It took a little prying but they do come out.  



Slow Southern Style said...

Good idea! I hate to throw perfectly good items away and I grow fond of pretty glass containers that my favorite candles come in.

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