Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Packin' for the beach

From left to right/top to bottom:  UO Black tie hat (sale $9.99),  F21 blue sunnies, F21 floral ruffle bikini, Kyi Kyi hat via ideeli, sunglass case via ROSS, J crew Polka dot bikini, Sally Hershberger wave spray via Ulta, Bracelets: Linea Pelle, GAP, F21, DIY, F21 purple tie top, Old Navy Ikat print bottom, Aerie neon print bikini (sale $14.99 each), Ray Ban sunnies

My summer obsessions currently include:

1. Black and White polka dots (its kind of ridiculous.  i even have a black and white polka dot phone cover and I actually get kind of embarrassed when people say "you're phone cover matches your shirt/skirt/dress!"  And yes. Now bikini and sunglasses case.  Ellie you have got to control yourself with the polka dots. moving on...)

2.  NEON

3. IKAT Print

4. Hats (that I never get a chance to wear)

I will be sporting all four of these at the beach for this long fourth of july weekend. :) 
What will you be celebrating our nation's independence in?? 


Joanna said...

yey beach! can't wait for my trip! love the bikini collection!

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