Saturday, January 29, 2011

My nails match my cat

In case you couldn't tell, that's my cat Chandler in the background of the last pic.  My nails are bassssicallyyyy camouflage, right? 

This is the new Katy Perry Black shatter nail polish on top of China Glaze's "Swing Baby".  I'm lovin' this black shatter nail polish!  You can actually watch it "shattering".



Love this, so fantastic! xx veronika

Regan said...

That's so cool! I saw in ad for in in teen vogue and was kind of skeptical haha. How does it work? Does it go on normally and then crack when it dries?


Ellie said...

Regan... It goes on normally and starts cracking within seconds. Make sure the color you're painting over is completely dry first.

Christy said...

LOVE this stuff, I've been wanting to pick up bottle since I first saw it and you are the second blogger in my daily reads to mention it. I need to get some!

Kate said...

I have been wanting to try this! I saw a video about it somewhere, and it looks so neat! Love how it looks on you!

Meganne said...

I have been looking all over for this polish!
I can't find it anywhere!
Where did you find it?


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